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Do you need marketing help for your small business?

Anne-Marie Watson, small business marketing expert

Welcome to Southside Marketing Solutions - a marketing consultancy that offers marketing help to startup and small businesses. Our website features a range of free marketing resources such as marketing articles and downloadable tools; as well as cost-effective marketing advice solutions for small businesses; regardless of whether they are in startup phase, existing businesses struggling to achieve growth, successful entities looking to make the next transition to a bigger size or a solo business needing some help to do this year's marketing plan. While you are here, sign up for our monthly newsletter  which provides many useful tips and updates as well. We hope you enjoy our website and look forward to any comments, enquiries or other feedback ... >contact us.

Lead Generation 'must-knows' for small business
Lead generation is the marketing process of developing potential buyer interest in products or services sold by a business, resulting in the generation of a list of potential customers. Simple lead generation involves obtaining contact details of potential buyers through one or more promotional tactics .. > more

What ISPs are & why they are important for email
Email campaigns are one of the best tools that small business can use cost effectively to talk with customers. There are many things needed for a successful email campaign but one of the biggest challenges to overcome is getting email into customer inboxes in the first place. This is what is called email deliverability ...  >more


5 Tips to get a better ROI on QR codes
Although originally designed for use in the automotive industry, QR codes are fast becoming a favourite tool for marketers to link print advertising to digital mediums. However, many are rushing to use these without fully thinking about how to use them ...  >more

Marketing Resources

April 11, 2012
Smartphone users  naked without their phones

April 10,  2012
Email preferred by US consumers vs direct

April 2, 2012
Online shoppers more satisfied vs instore

January 30, 2012
Shopping use of mobiles increasing

January 30, 2012
Corporate blogging peaked ?

January 29, 2012
Small business turning to viral marketing 

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