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About Us

Welcome to Southside Marketing Solutions - a marketing consultancy that offers marketing help to startup and small businesses. Our website features a range of free marketing resources such as marketing articles and downloadable tools; as well as cost-effective marketing advice solutions for small businesses; regardless of whether they are in startup phase, existing businesses struggling to achieve growth, successful entities looking to make the next transition to a bigger size or a solo business needing some help to do this year's marketing plan. We hope you enjoy our website and look forward to any comments, enquiries or other feedback ... >contact us.

Who are Southside Marketing Solutions?

We are a US-based marketing consultancy that specialises in providing marketing advice to small and micro businesses. Our aim is to be a great resource by providing actionable, cost-effective ideas, tools and advice to help small businesses improve their marketing.

Southside Marketing Solutions, born in 2004, is the brainchild of Anne-Marie Watson, a marketing consultant and small business owner.

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Why are you called ‘Southside’?

Because originally when we set up business, we were based in the Sutherland Shire in Sydney’s southern area. We have moved since then but we kind of liked the name as it was.


What’s different then about your website?

We have tried to meet the needs of small business owners who commonly struggle for things such as time to read, time to do planning, spare cash to invest in marketing expert information and advice, and limited availability during normal working hours.

So our products and services have been designed to address these issues by:

  • Providing articles, books and tools with lots of practical marketing advice,
    examples and tips.
  • Providing marketing advice that’s been gleaned from all the marketing experts across the industry, so you don’t have to read them all – we have already done this for you! And we aim to deliver this advice in the easiest way possible for you to digest it and then use it!
  • Providing Marketing Consulting help in a time-effective format such as Marketing E-Advisor and Marketing Advisor Hotline. Both can be used when it’s convenient for you, the small business owner.
  • Providing How-to-Guides and other resources that aren’t difficult to understand, don’t take too much time and don’t cost the earth!

And Southside Marketing Solutions is not just a website. Sure we provide newsletters, articles, tools and online advice. But we also provide consulting help over the phone, seminars & training and a blog that focuses on real topics that affect you!


If you have a burning question you would like answered, please email us


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