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Marketing e-Advisor

What is an e-Advisor?

If your business would like to just ask our marketing consultants a few questions or get a bit of advice, then here is an easy way.

A Marketing e-Advisor is a marketing consultant (yes - a real live person) from Southside Marketing who is able to provide you advice or answer your questions through the convenience of email.

How much does it cost?
For a total of 4 questions, our fee is $20. You can send material through to be reviewed first or just email and ask your four questions per session.
Can I book or pay online?

An E-Advisor session can be booked online here.This is a pre-paid service made available at a time to suit the client. Payment is arranged prior to the consultation through payment online. Payment via other options such as a money order, will need to be organised prior to service delivery. Contact us to discuss.

Once your order is processed, we will contact you by email to organise next steps.

What's involved?

The client sends their four questions via email and then the eAdvisor consultant answers them. We will either call you back to discuss the answers or email the answers back - whichever you prefer. Answers provided within 48 hours!.

Why would I use such a service?

Sometimes a small business doesn't always need a marketing consultant in a full capacity but would really like to just ask them a few questions or get a bit of advice. It may be that you are developing a plan or program and want to just ask some questions along the way, rather than pay for a full consultancy program.

This is a convenient, easy way to spend a limited amount of money that allows you to:

  • Do some preliminary investigations into a marketing opportunity,
  • Ask about a specific problem that needs a marketing answer or
  • Pick the brains of an experienced Marketer through some well thought out questions.


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