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Marketing Health Check Up

Our  #1 business review service recommended for small business!

What is a Marketing Health Check up? (for NJ/NY businesses only)

A Marketing Health Check Up is a review service conducted by a Southside Marketing consultant. It operates on the same principles as a personal health check up we might get for ourselves, except it's for a business. For instance, we review all the basic marketing aspects of your business and assess their strength and functionality.

We review critical marketing facets such as branding, positioning, promotion amongst other areas. Just like a personal health check up, it is critical to identify key areas that aren't on target, before problems arise later.

Why would I need this service?

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It offers the chance to see if your business' marketing is in working order and to identify any major problems before they occur. Just like a car check up, done on a regular basis, it gives you a reality check on what marketing opportunities you may be missing and also where your strengths may be (also a handy thing to know). And it will probably cost you a lot less money!

For a low investment, you get a review of the important parts of your business, and some great marketing ideas to go with it!


'Anne-Marie's advice was honest, practical & insightful. She helped us work out what was working and not working for us, what to increase and where to go next with our ideas.'

Claire and Aaron Hills ANGUS MECHANICAL

What's involved with a Marketing Health Check up?

Once a booking has been made, a Southside Marketing consultant will meet you at your premises (usually) and review your business face-to-face. Prior to the meeting, we get the client to forward to us their marketing materials including brochures, advertisements, and business cards, email campaigns to clients, as well as review your basic marketing collateral (materials).

Then at our offices, we prepare a Health Check Up report which rates your business's marketing across a number of areas and highlights areas for improvement. We then provide the report and discuss the results, face-to-face or over the phone. The process usually takes about 2-3 weeks, depending on volume of bookings at the time.

Bookings and Payments

A Marketing Health Check up can be booked online here. Payment is arranged prior to the consultation, either through payment online (preferred) or by money order. Contact us to discuss payment methods.

Once your order is processed, we will contact you to organize a time to to discuss your Health Check Up


How do I know if I want this or a different service?
If you need an audit of your marketing plan or just simply advice, we can provide specific services for these needs. Click here for other marketing services

We look forward to hearing from you soon!